If your venue is sick of competing against the very same quiz up the road, Gee Quiz is for you. Our quiz is fresh, unique, fair and catered for your typical Kiwi. Venues across NZ are now discovering how good a Gee Quiz Trivia Night really can be. From The World’s End Bar in Tauranga – whose Tuesday Night Trivia attracts dozens of players every week to Cambridge Hotel in Wellington – the most popular quiz night in the city, we ensure a Gee Quiz Trivia night is the place to be.

We can build your quiz night from scratch or revitalise a dwindling evening with our refreshing style and presentation. We don't like to overrun a city, so we limit how many quizzes we run in each area, meaning players will flock from all parts to get their weekly Gee Quiz fix. 

Although our content caters for all demographics, it is especially popular with your more laid-back clientele who enjoy the fair and relevant questions, free-flowing style and relaxed nature of the quiz. We want everyone to have a fair go. Furthermore, as we are boutique-sized, we have the ability to personalise our quiz just for your venue and popular demand. The fact we are not a mass-produced quiz, means we can dedicate a lot more focus on you and your customers for the best night's entertainment!

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