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Gee Quiz also supplies traditional ball & cage bingo and musical bingo to bars who are looking for something a bit different.

Our traditional bingo includes over a thousand different fun, hilarious and risqué calls that we have developed over the past ten years. Most will rhyme, some will relate to the number in question, some are modern takes on the old bingo calls (Two Swans Spooning – 22, Let’s Get Down & Dirty – 30, Midlife Crisis – 46, J-Lo’s Bum – 61)


We have special themed rounds for occasions like St Patrick’s Day (Michael Flatley’s Legs – 11, Irish Stew – 22) Waitangi Day (Let’s have some Weetbix – 26, She's a bloody JAFA mate – 68) and Christmas (The Night Before – 24, Mulled Wine – 69). We provide bingo slips, calls, ball & cage, and a host (dependent on availability). 


Our musical bingo is immensely popular too. Instead of numbers, we use songs.


When a player hears the song, they mark it off on their individualized musical bingo sheet.


We have dozens of different rounds – all the decades, Kiwi Classics, Rock Hits, One Hit Wonders, Power Ballads, Floor-Fillers, Golden Oldies and much more.

We also take song and round requests! If there is a particular genre or song(s) you would like to hear during Musical Bingo, let us know here:

Otherwise, if you want Bingo at your venue, contact us now! 

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