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One off

We are one-off quiz specialists. Again, we actually give a shit and want your one off quiz to be the best possible experience.


We don’t just pull out any old quiz from the archives and charge the earth, we carefully curate the quiz to ensure there will be maximum enjoyment for the intended crowd. 


We have a range of one-off quizzes:

team bonding

Team bonding

Do it right, use us!


What's included?

Firstly, you will get one of our highly-trained, experienced, friendly quiz hosts who will run the show as only they know-how.


As well as up to five rounds of our VERY BEST questions, we include at least two of our exciting “stand-up & get out of your seat” games that are sure to get a lot of laughs.


The whole package works perfectly and our irreverent humour always loosens the players up - everyone will be fizzing once we’re done.


We are happy to come to your office, your selected bar, or suggest a venue for you!


Why Gee Quiz?

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.


We have now run 100s of one-off ‘corporate’ or team bonding quizzes and it is actually a delicate art to find that balance between challenging and fun. But we nail it.


Unlike other quiz companies who lazily supply any old lacklustre quiz, we will consult with you to ensure the right content is provided for the intended audience and curate the perfect quiz for your team.


We’re confident enough to guarantee any event we put on for your crew will be awesome. 



Even though our quiz nights are unique with a broad range of questions,  sometimes you may like something tailored specially to your group to really make the night special.


If that interests you, we can add some customized questions or rounds to the quiz. Maybe a “Who Am I” - baby photos of certain employees, or your team might be a 1990s party why not a 1990s quiz? for a bit of nostalgia?


Speak to us! 




Smash your goals!

Image by Clark Tibbs

Why Gee Quiz?

We love to help out. 


At Gee Quiz we're specialists in creating and running the most effective fundraising trivia events in New Zealand. We can help you reach your fundraising goals. We boast a strong dedication to philanthropy and are dedicated to providing advice and guidance, and delivering fundraising solutions to the public benefit sector.


Use Gee Quiz and we’ll take the stress out putting the quiz together so you can focus on selling tickets! You provide the host and the venue and we will provide everything else you need. We can customise your quiz so everyone has a fantastic time and gives generously. Contact us today to get started! 


What do I get?

A damn great quiz and guidance along the way.


Damn good quizzing from the comfort of home


When we went into lockdown during the COVD-19 pandemic, all our pub quizzes suddenly stopped. We needed to find a way to get our quiz nights to the people so we started our famous “Quarantine Quiz” which became incredibly popular. One quiz we ran had over 700 teams dialing in!


Run through Zoom, teams would tune into our quiz and quiz host and answer questions via our bespoke online form. We made a huge effort to make the quiz as close as possible to the in real life (IRL) experience they were used to.


This meant, unlike other online quizzes, spelling errors were okay, we marked scores, had winners, played the Last Person Standing, and just had an awesome time online! It was so popular, that we kept running them monthly once lockdown finished!


Although we are back in the bars, we are still set up to run online quizzes and can run themed quizzes, team bonding or fundraiser events online!

Are you ready to have fun?

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