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Assemble your squad!

Not only do we produce the best weekly pub quiz trivia around, but we also run mind-boggling-popular themed quizzes throughout the country making us THE no.1 pop culture themed quiz company.

We talk to the people and find out what they love, and we produce a quiz solely on that subject. Whether it is Harry Potter, Friends, Game of Thrones, “Walt Quizney”, Lord of the Rings or a 1990s quiz - we do it. 


But it’s not just a quiz, it’s much much more. It’s nostalgia, it’s going back in time, it’s great friends getting together, it’s dressing up, it’s fun, it can be stressful, but it’s always an amazing night out that you’ll remember for years to come. 


As well as five rounds of quizzing, we include our Alphabetical game, where teams must answer 26 questions in less than 10 minutes; The Line-Up, where one member of the team must come to the front of the room to try their luck, and the free for all Last Person Standing where one wrong answer means you are gone! 


Each team will need to let us know their team name prior to the event and we will supply an awesome team label for your team, usually with a ‘team mascot’ printed as an extra member for good luck. 


As well as the quizzing fun, teams will be able to dine from a special themed menu. Do you want the “Joey Doesn’t Share” platter all for yourself at the Friends quiz, the Butterbeer at the Harry Potter quiz, or the Krusty Burger at our favorite Springfield family quiz?


For each quiz, we charge an entry fee which covers our fantastic quiz hosts, markers, and photographers, plus advertising, prizes, travel and accommodation costs... and of course the long hours researching and writing each quiz to ensure we get that balance just right to challenge the hardcore fans but not make too impossible for the more casual followers.


Find out what quizzes we are running here.


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I’m a bar owner. How do I get a themed quiz at my pub?

We run themed quizzes all over the country and take care of pretty much everything - Promotion, Ticketing, Admin, Prizes, Hosting (in most cases).


You just need to make sure you have enough staff to cover a very busy night and supply some bar vouchers to supplement our own prizes. 


We do give precedence to bars that run our weekly quiz and don’t like to run themed quizzes at two venues that are located closely together. 


Let us know if you want more information on our themed quizzes.

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