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Our Quiz

Answer booklet

Each team will receive their own answer booklet where they will choose a team name and nominate one "Double-Up" round from the weekly topics in which they score double points. After each round is completed, teams hand in their answer sheet for marking.  

Weekly topics

Our quiz includes five rounds of different topics each week. These rounds are changed up regularly and there is always something for everyone.


As well as standard rounds such as Pot Luck, Music and Sport, we include outside the box rounds such as Quiz Snake, Numbers = Letters and Don't Forget the Lyrics.


Including bonus rounds, the quiz lasts around two hours and is presented at a relaxed pace through the night. 

The questions

We present the quiz with large, clear text and pictures that make full use of the big screen.


We make our questions familiar, fun and fair so you don't have to be a rocket scientist to enjoy yourself.


No one likes a quiz that is too hard! The majority of questions include video and audio which increases the level of interaction with participants. 

Bonus Baffler

At the end of each round, we present three Bonus Baffler clues which pertain to one answer.


The sooner a team gets the answer correct, the more bonus points they will receive to add on to their total score.


Bonus Baffler answers typically relate to famous people, films, bands, countries or types of food.


An optional extra is our famous Wipeout round. Here, we present 20 answers relating to a given specialist topic.


10 answers will be correct, 10 will be incorrect. Teams gain a point for any they get right, but lose a point for each they get wrong.


This adds an extra element at the end of the quiz and gives teams the opportunity to risk it all or play it safe!  

Interactive rounds

We mix things up by getting players up and out of their seats.


A Gee Quiz Trivia Night will always include interactive favorites The Line-Up and the Last Person Standing.


The Line Up involves one representative from each team lining up in front of the host in an elimination-style game, with the winner receiving 5 points for their team for next week.


Last Person Standing is the classic heads or tails game where all players answer 50/50 questions, the last person to get all of them correct walks away with a sweet prize! 

Activity Sheet

Another optional extra is our activity sheets we provide.


These change weekly to ensure there is a variety of different games teams can get stuck into.


From Fact or Fail to List It to Alphabetical, this is a great way for teams to take 10 minutes out, put their heads down and try and gain as many points as possible!

Score Sheet

We provide an electronic score sheet to keep a tab of the scores and to show final results at the end of the night. Teams love to see where they placed.


We recommend prizes for first, second, third and second-to-last for all the also-ran teams.


As you can see, we get some huge turn outs to a Gee Quiz trivia night! 

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