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Damn Good Trivia,
Bums on Seats

Quite simply, our trivia is damn good. As a result, people flock to play our brand of quiz.


With other quizzes we've all heard “The quiz is too long”, “The content is stale and boring”, “Most of the questions go over my head”, “The boomers always win!”.


At Gee Quiz, we make sure this is not the case. 


Gee quiz trivia night new zealand

What puts the “Damn Good” in damn good trivia?

At a Gee Quiz pub trivia night, you won’t have to worry about sitting through dozens of obscure questions that only people of a certain vintage will know. We ensure questions are engaging, relevant and you have a fighting chance to get correct, regardless of your background. 


We make sure success doesn’t rely entirely on solely academic clout, but also requires street cred, a bit of kiwi know-how, common sense and a pinch of luck to get answers correct.


Our quiz doesn’t drag looooooong into the night either, with 5 rounds, the quiz is run at a relaxed pace, which allows for great banter, socialising and means we wrap things up around two hours. 


At one of our quizzes, you are not pinned to your seat all night, you’ll partake in our awesome bonus games “The Line Up” and “Last Person Standing” where you’ll duel other quizzes to win extra points and prizes! 


It’s just an awesome night out. In fact, the word ‘arousing’ has been bandied around after some of our epic quiz nights. 


You can check out what our quiz includes here.


Contact us today to find out where your nearest Gee Quiz trivia night is being held.


Why does Gee Quiz get so many bums on seats?

Well, firstly - we actually give a shit. We care greatly about your bar and your customers. We work our asses off each week to produce what is the most amazing trivia there is.


We don’t just rehash old questions from old quizzes and settle for mediocrity. We ensure every quiz is a curated, carefully crafted experience designed to keep audiences engaged, excited, and eager to come back for more.


Not only do we expect to pack out your bar, but our quizzers will also spend money. Yes, actually open their wallet to buy a meal and drinks.


Why, you ask? Our quiz attracts a demographic that gets right into the spirit of the quiz and makes a night of it. In fact, we did a survey at our bars and there's an average $37 spend from each participant during our quiz night. 


Our content, irreverent style and passion to have fun really mean the 'bowl of chips' teams go to the more boring, stale quizzes, where the water jugs are in heavy use. That's okay, we get the spenders! 



Case Studies

eva beva


Eva Beva in Dixon St was pretty content with 5-7 teams at their quiz night on a weekly basis with their 8-round, exhaustive quiz.


Gee Quiz was sure they could do better. The manager gave us a shot and brought in our quiz.


Soon enough word spread that this trivia night was different from the rest and right down the alley of their demographic.


Soon enough we’d have 20 teams on a regular basis. Five years on, we have 25-30 teams consistently on a Wednesday night, the most popular quiz in the city.

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