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  • What the hell is Zoom?
    Zoom Video Communications is generally used as a remote meeting service where people can connect from different locations. It includes video, audio and screen sharing. We have tested a few different platforms and feel this is the is best for our requirements.
  • How do I use it to play the quiz?
    Before each quiz, we will send a link which will give you access to join the Zoom 'meeting' online. Once you have joined, you will be able to see the quiz questions, our quiz master and hear our audio on PC, laptop, phone or device. In some instances, such as using an iPad you will have to download the Zoom app.
  • I want to play the quiz as part of a team with my friends, but are in different bubbles. How do I connect with them?"
    It's really up to you how you connect with your team - FaceTime, Skype, House Party, Messenger, phone calls are all ways in which you can discuss answers and work together with your crew.
  • Will the rest of the quizzers hear our team discuss answers?
    We will mute all players on entry of the quiz, unless you unmute yourselves, others cannot hear you.
  • Is there a chat going during the quiz?
    Yes, there is a chat during the quiz where anyone can contribute. We do ask you to be respectful to others, and no bullying or name calling. If you message the quiz master, there is no guarantee they will see it given they are dealing with a lot on quiz night. They will do their best to respond however.
  • Will there be music in the quiz? We may not be able to hear our team mates over the music!
    Some questions will be accompanied by music or audio. In most instances, these are relevant and required for the question. They are no longer than 30 seconds so we ask if you listen to the duration of the clip and then discuss with your team. We may play background music during small breaks through the quiz also.
  • What if the quiz master talks when we are trying to discuss answers with our team mates?
    Unlike a live quiz, it is nearly impossible for our quiz master to 'read the room' and work out timings and when to speak and when not to speak. In general, for the online quiz, the quiz master will read the question once in full, once in short hand and occasionally add a clue, hint or banter, but respect the fact you appreciate silence to talk to your team.
  • How long will the quiz take?
    The quiz will take approximately two hours, the themed quizzes a little longer as there is more content. Even if your team gets a question straight away, there will be teams still working it out, so we want to give enough time per question and not rush anyone. At the same time, we don't want it to drag.
  • Where do we write our answers down?
    On the Facebook event page, we will provide you a link to an online form, where one nominated team 'scribe' will enter your team name and then the answers to questions 1-10, plus the Bonus Baffler. There will be five different forms, one for each round. Once you have filled in the answers, press submit and we will receive it.
  • Do we need to register our team? How do we choose our double round?
    Yes, we do need your team to register prior to the quiz to give us an idea of how many teams we have playing. It's good to know what location you are playing from too. Similar to the answer form, we will provide you a link to a registration form via the FB event page. Here you will enter your team details and choose the double-up round for the quiz, in which your team will receive double points for.
  • Will I get a confirmation email that my team has successfully registered?
    No, but you will receive this message on the online form once submitted, so rest assured we have received it:
  • I've heard it's important to be consistent when we enter our team name on the form?
    Yes! You will be entering your team name once on the registration form and then five times during the quiz with each round of answers. Please enter your team name EXACTLY how it was entered in the registration form each time. We sometimes have over 15,000 answers to mark, and use methods that make marking efficient, such as alphabetically-ordering the teams, but even a small change in your team name will stuff this up for us. If you use "The" in your team, you must main "The" in your team name each time. Spelling needs to be the same - if "Let's Get Quizzical" becomes "Let's Get Quizicle" suddenly, it may cause scoring inaccuracies.
  • Will we find out our score on the night of the quiz?
    Unfortunately no. It takes us several hours to complete the marking accurately, so scores will be published the day following the quiz on the Facebook event page.
  • Does it cost us to play the quiz?
    We ran the quizzes for no charge for the first four weeks of the lock down, however the sheer amount of work involved each week means we have to charge a $10 per team fee to cover our costs. These include putting the quiz together, running the quiz, the hours spent marking up to 35,000 answers in a given quiz, associated admin, plus of course fees for the software like Zoom and Jotform. For any themed quizzes we run, we will be charging a fee of $20 per team of up to six players as these take even longer to put together.
  • What are the prizes?
    This quiz is more about playing a quiz and having fun doing so during this time rather than winning prizes, but most quizzes will include a prize for first place and some spot prizes. The winner of Last Person Standing will win an official Gee Quiz hoodie.
  • How do know other teams aren't Googling answers?
    Unfortunately there is no way for us to police this aspect. Our quiz does have a 'no jerk' policy and if your team does feel the need to Google answers, you are a jerk and shouldn't be playing. We want it to be fair for all, so resist the need to cheat and use the knowledge in your brains to work out the answers.
  • Will Gee Quiz continue to do online quizzes once the lock down has finished and the bars are open?
    There is nothing like a quiz in real person with the energy of the crowd, group laughs and banter, so that will be priority one for us once this is over. We really don't know what the landscape will be like in a few months, so we'll just have to wait and see.
  • Any other tips?
    We recommend taking notes throughout the quiz, we can't go back through the questions, so jot something about the question so you can go back to it. ​ See you at the quiz!
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