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Gee Quiz is excited to bring our Question of the Day to Facebook in 2020. Each day, we will pose a question at a random time between Midnight and 11:59pm and the first person to answer correctly will score points between 1-10. The more 'unGoogleable' the question, the more points attributed to the question. For example, a question in which the answer is fairly common knowledge or easily found on the web may be a 1, whereas a cryptic "What's the Link" question may be a 10. We will vary the questions through the year. 

On December 31 2020, we will add up the points accumulated and the winner will receive a $366 Prezzy Card voucher. Yes, there are 366 days in 2020! We will also being giving away monthly spot prizes to those who get involved. 

So, 'like' or follow Gee Quiz on Facebook now to participate!

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