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Gee Quiz is New Zealand's number one pop culture themed quiz company.  We've had a blast travelling throughout New Zealand delivering our challenging, but energetic, exciting and nostalgic brand of trivia to fans across the country and we're looking forward to bringing more to fans in Aotearoa!   

Each quiz we run includes five big screen rounds of questions of varying difficulty, always with our Bonus Baffler, our famous and frantic Alphabetical round, the exciting Line-Up where only the hardcore survive and the free-for all Last Person Standing!


Add to the mix special menus, dress-ups and sharing a night with fellow fans means our themed quizzes are really do-not-miss events. You can look forward to seeing the official scorecard and photos we post on social media post-event, which always shows what absolute fun we have and usually how close the scores are!

For each quiz, we charge an entry fee which covers our fantastic quiz hosts, markers and photographers, plus advertising, prizes, travel and accommodation costs... and of course the long hours researching and writing each quiz to ensure we get that balance just right to challenge the hardcore fans but not make too impossible for the more casual followers. 

In 2018 and 2019 we've brought Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Disney and Friends to fans and we're always open to suggestions from you, the people, as to what to bring next! 

All quizzes we run are unofficial events by fans, for fans and is not associated or affiliated with any other organisation. 

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