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the team

sAM director

Sam founded Gee Quiz in 2011 and loves providing trivia for quiz enthusiasts across New Zealand on a weekly basis. Sam has a tremendous passion for trivia and loves nothing more than seeing a packed pub on quiz night. When he's not writing quizzes, he enjoys watching sport, travelling and hanging out with his three kids. Mobile - 021 0464 705 Email -

mOLLY Quiz Host 

Molly is Gee Quiz's most experienced host and has been a regular on the Wellington pub scene for several years. Molly is always willing to oversee the night and ensure everyone has a great time. Molly is a trained pre-school teacher and you may recognize her as a popular contestant on The Bachelor NZ. 

SAVAGE Quiz Host

Savage is a fixture in the quiz world of Wellington, popping up with a microphone in hand, delivering questions to a willing crowd 2-3 times every week. Savage runs a very steady ship and is popular with all regular quizzers. When he's not hosting a quiz, he might be seen on the Wellington theatre scene showing off his acting skills. 

lucho quiz host

Lucho was a regular quiz participant before moving on to microphone control and made the transition with ease. Lucho is an extremely likable guy and you'll see his friendly, welcoming style come out during any quiz night he hosts. We welcome Lucho back from a stint at Disneyworld!

anna Bingo Host

Anna has been running the Bingo leg of Gee Quiz for several years now and is as popular as ever. You'll likely see Anna calling the shots on a Tuesday and Wednesday in the Wellington CBD and always brings in regular punters with her unique style. Anna is also a singer-songwriter and regularly plays solo gigs throughout the city. She is also fluent in Japanese! 

Sam I Quiz Host

Sam I is an ever-enthusiastic host who never says no to a gig. Sam is a born natural and brings great energy and wacky humour to any quiz night he hosts. Sam is a trained performance artist and if often seen plying his trade at improv shows, productions and as a stand-up comedian. 

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